We're Getting Married

March 5, 2022

Windjammer Landing at St Lucia

Jessica DiGiorgio
David Margentino

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On February 17th, 2021, while on a family vacation in Mexico, Dave popped the question and Jessica said yes! While exploring the grounds of the resort they had a photographer capturing them in family photos. If was a perfect day. The sun shining, the weather was warm and there was a slight warm breeze in the air. The white sand beaches with the clear blue water made the backdrop perfect for the moment that was about to happen. Jessica thought they were only getting a few family photos to remember their family vacation. What Jessica didn’t know, is that Dave was about to ask her the question she has been waiting hear, “Will you marry me”. So, while the photographer had Jessica looking off into the distance posing for a picture, Dave, who was standing slightly behind her, dropped to one knee. As Jessica turned and saw Dave she was overwhelmed with happiness. Dave then told her that he couldn’t imagine his life with out her as his wife then asked her the big question. Jessica was at a loss for words, so Dave had to remind her “this is the part where you say yes”. After saying yes, Brynn and Dave gave Jessica a big hug. At that moment Dave he knew he was going to marry this amazing woman.