We're Getting Married

March 5, 2022

Windjammer Landing at St Lucia

Jessica DiGiorgio
David Margentino

The Proposal

It was a cold winter night in February, but Matty was sweating. There was a lot of anticipation surrounding this moment. There was excitement in the air; Matty had been waiting for this night for as long as he could remember. He was hoping that this particular night, all his dreams would come true.

Matty met Mony three years prior at an ice cream parlor and they have been inseparable ever since. He had never met someone so loving and beautiful in his entire life. Her being from Mexico and him being from New Jersey, they grew together as a couple learning about each other’s cultures, and languages. They have been on many adventures together including Niagara Falls, Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and most recently to Mexico. They are also frequent travelers to Philadelphia and love to cheer on their favorite teams. But this particular trip to Philadelphia was going to be special.

After three years of dating, marriage conversations undoubtedly came up a few times and with it, proposal planning talks. Mony always wanted a festive proposal with a lot of people around. It put a lot of pressure on Matty to come up with a memorable event. So he let fate decide. On February 4th 2018, which became the most historical day in Philadelphia History, even more historic than July 4th 1776, Matty got down on one knee, in front of City Hall, in front of hundreds of thousands rowdy Philly fans cheering them on, his family included. Mony was speechless. It’s as if the whole world stopped, and they were the only ones around. She couldn’t believe this moment was happening. It was the proposal that she always dreamed of, with the guy who is the love of her life. She said, “Si” and gave him a big kiss.

It was a site to behold. The Beer and Champaign were flowing, fireworks were blasting, people were singing, the city was electric. It was a night that they will never forget.